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Free Climbing
    This extreme sport today has many fans and, thanks to artificial structures permanent, can be practiced in both summer and winter. Compete with the force of gravity is not a sport reserved for lovers of climbing extreme, but it is an activity that develops physical harmony and ability to concentrate.
Climbing gym in Canazei:
CLOSED - outdoor climbing wall at the Sports Centre Ischia - cell. 347 9309289
Climbing gym in Moena
the artificial indoor gym at the Polo School. Winter opening, closed in summer.
Road D. G. Jori, 15 - at the town of Moena, Secretary Office - tel. 0462 573141

Hang Gliding and Paragliding

    The town of Canazei Canazei and have seen in recent years to increase their reputation, even abroad, such as train top to the practice of free flight, especially deldeltaplano and paragliding. From the slopes of the Col Rodella and delBelvedere every day hovering in the air many fans, that animate the blue sky with their evolution in a unique atmosphere, where the colors of nature, the woods, the gray peaks rock, the white snow on the Marmolada, the reds of the sunset blend with the colors of the sails, in an unusual curious rainbow. The thrill of flying in this natural paradise is not only for experts, but it is now also possible for beginners thanks to tandem paragliding, which allows everyone, naturally brave, try 'thrill of flying safely, accompanied by national instructors.

For more information:
Paragliding school Icarus Flying Team
Strèda de Chieva, 4 - Canazei
Cell 335 6757667
Infopoint Fassa Outdoor c / o Tourist Office CanazeiPrenotazioni info and paragliding
Piaz G. Marconi, 5 - 0462 609 607

Green for Golf at the Golf Club Carezza ...
    In summer the Val di Fassa offers a beautiful golf driving range, in the countryside at the foot of the Col Rodella aCampitello di Fassa. The camp, run by the "Val di Fassa Golf Club", is open from 15 June to 9 September, with access from locations Ischia (cableway departure) and has a driving range con10 positions, including two blankets, putting green, bunker praticaoltre a new training route to 5-hole (par 4 No. 2 / n. 3 PAR 3). During the months of July and August are given lessons by professional instructors.

Canazei: Ass Sports. Golf Val di Fassa
Amplatz Diego - Cell 335 6063499
Canazei Fassa Infopoint Outdoor (near the tourist office)
Piaz G. Marconi, 5 - 0462 609 607
Karerpass: Karersee Golf Club Carezza
Tel 0471 612200
Green fee discount for holders of the Val di Fassa Card

Nordic Walking
    Nordic Walking is a sport to be practiced in the open air, a gentle workout that develops stamina, strength and fitness. You walk by actively involving the arms in motion through the use of chopsticks. This exercise allows a greater use of the muscles of the shoulders and chest and strengthening the muscles of the neck, because it allows you to bind 90% of the muscles, to reduce by 30% the physical effort and consume 46% of energy in the piùrispetto traditional jogging. It 'the perfect exercise to quickly reach a good fitness without straining joints. The Val di Fassa is the ideal place for those who want to start practicing this sport, to enjoy the fresh air and fantastic views under the expert guidance of good teachers.

Instructors, Nordic Walking lessons and courses in Val di Fassa
Canazei Fassa Infopoint Outdoor (near the tourist office)
Piaz G. Marconi, 5 - 0462 609 607
Pozza di Fassa: Infopoint Fassa Outdoor (near the tourist office)
Piaz de Comun, 2 - Phone 0462 609 674
Moena: Infopoint Fassa Outdoor (near the tourist office)
Piaz de Navalge, 4 - 0462 609 774

Excursions on Horseback

    Mountains, forests, fresh air, streams: what better setting for an excursion on horseback, or to try for the first time to ride, maybe together with our children, and in riding ponies and horses are trained specifically for them. It 'an opportunity for you, which is also worth a visit just to learn more about the world of animals.

Canazei - Happy Ranch Horse Riding
loc. Ischia - Cell 338 5222653
Opening hours: from late July to September 9, 9:00 to 12:00 and 15:00 to 7:00 p.m.
Activities: rides 1 hour, full days, horse trekking, pony rides for children, lessons.
Rates based on:
€ 18.00 per person for 1 hour
€ 33.00 per person for 2 hours
€ 72.00 ½ day, min. 5 persons
€ 140.00 1 full day, min. 5 people
pony ride € 8.00
€ 110.00 7 subscription trekking 1 hour

Mazzin - Campestrin - Riding
Campestrin Campo Sportivo - Cell 338 5271087
Opening hours: June to October 9.00 - 12.00 and 15.00 - 18.00.
Closed on Tuesdays Activity: 1 hour rides, lessons, horse riding for disabled (by reservation only).
Rates based on:
€ 15.00 per person for half an hour
€ 20.00 per person for 1 hour
€ 100.00 5 lessons
€ 200.00 10 lessons + 1 lesson free

Vigo di Fassa Riding Horse Ranch Highland Cattle
loc. Ciarlonch - Cell 338 8824885
Opening hours: from June 20 to September 30 9:00 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 6:00 p.m.
Activities: rides 1 hour, full days, horse trekking, pony rides for children, lessons. Wednesday and Friday carriage ride with lunch in the hut. Price
€ 40.00 adults
€ 30.00 children under 14 years,
free for children up to 5 years. Lunch and drink included in the price. Rates based on:
€ 19.00 per person for 1 hour
€ 35.00 per person for 2 hours
1 lesson € 17.00
€ 50.00 ½ day
€ 80.00 1 day
around € 8.00 pony

Tours for children with ponies and carriage rides.
For more information Andreas - Cell 339 6316812
Carriage rides. For more information, Mr Bernard - Cell 338 8824885
Passo San Pellegrino: Michael Defrancesco - Cell 346 2156047
Carriage rides from the Rifugio Passo San Pellegrino Fuciade and back. Possibility of one-way trip.
Starting from Passo San Pellegrino hours 10:00 to 12:00, 13:00 to 15:00 and 15:00 to 17:00.
Path length 2 hours with a break of 30 min. the Refuge Fuciade. And 'Reservations recommended.

Life path:
    The Val di Fassa houses in the woods real outdoor gyms, trails characterized by pitches are different places where exercise equipment wood with explanatory signs that suggest the proper execution of the exercises, usually placed in areas appealing with natural ups and downs through the forest that often lead to streams, waterfalls, bridges and spectacular sights. The length of these paths varies from 1.5 to 3 km along which are distributed averagely 12-15 exercises to be performed.
Canazei: 3,000 meters of trail facilities starting from Canazei in the locality Cercenà or Campitello in Ischia.
Fontanazzo - Campestrin - Mazzin:
3,000 meters of trail facilities in the woods, with the possibility of departure from each location.
Vigo di Fassa:
2,500 meters course with departure from road de Pontac.
1,700 meters course with starting near the fun park.
1,000 meters of trail facilities in the woods starting in Ischia, near the mini golf.

    In Val di Fassa, as in the whole territory of the Trentino, mushroom picking is governed by specific provincial laws are designed to protect natural resources and conservation of the environment, preventing excessive human pressure is to damage the plant ecosystems that take benefit from the presence of fungi.

Mode mushrooming in Val di Fassa
The seven municipalities of Valle di Fassa constituted a single territorial basis, coinciding with the entire Val di Fassa (with the exception of the area included in Paneveggio Park), where the collection is allowed to non-residents in the Province of Trento after complaint the activity of gathering mushrooms and payment of an amount that varies depending on the duration of the collection (from a minimum of € 10.00 per day to a maximum of € 60.00 per month). The collection of wild mushrooms is allowed every day of the week (usually only during the day and not at night) for a maximum of 2 kg per person per day (this limit does not apply when only one fungus exceeds this weight), from 7 am to 19.00.
It 'mandatory clean summarily mushrooms in place for the collection and transport containers and drilled disks (baskets). And 'forbidden to destroy or damage the fungi (including non-edible) at the place of collection, as well as use in collecting rakes, hooks and other similar means which could harm the soil humus. The law provides penalties for any offenders.

The complaint of the collection can be performed at any of the seven municipalities in the Val di Fassa or by payment of the amount due with the appropriate post office, also available at the Tourist Offices of Valle.L 'concerned shall keep and carry Receipt of payment issued by the city or that of the current account to be able to post mostare, along with a valid identification document of any inspection by the invigilators.

The mycologist is available on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 16.30 at the Tourist Office of Moena (Center Navalge).